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Compare Your Options

Selling Directly To Sunland Home Buyers vs. Using a Local Agent

Explore your options. You may or may not get more money from listing your house with a real estate agent but it’ll take longer, require you to repair your home, and be a much greater hassle. Let’s compare the two and explore the details: 

 Using a Realtor Sunland Home Buyers
Commissions / Fees:Up to 6%, paid by you, the sellerNone
Appraisal Needed:Most likely yes. Lenders require it.No. We usually pay cash.
Average Days Until Sold:90-120 DaysWe can usually close in 7-10 days.
Number of Showings:10-25 on average1
Closing Date:30-60+/- days after accepting the offerThe choice is yours.
Who Pays For Repairs?This is agreed upon after inspection.Sunland pays for all repairs.

*More often than not, buyers who are looking to get conventional financing to buy a house will have a “Financing Contingency” built into their offer. This means that they can back out of the deal if they don’t get the financing they want.

Since Sunland Home Buyers do not buy houses using conventional financing there is NO financing contingency.

Determine Your Numbers and Which Method is Right for You…

You may decide that using a listing agent and the MLS is the right decision for you and that’s great. Generally, this means your house is in decent shape and you are not backed into any financial corners.

For others, you might need to get out of your house quickly, and while Sunland Home Buyers will not offer you full retail value for your home, there are many reasons why it makes since to use us.

For instance…

Get the cash for your house in your hand in as little as 7 days.

If you don’t want to wait 90-120 to sell your house and another 30-60 days to close on it and have to pay all those holding costs… like utilities, mortgage, taxes, repairs, then it may make a lot of sense to get a cash offer and close quick.

Knowing you don’t have to fix anything or clean your house for showings is HUGE!

We love fixing houses and cleaning them. This is what we are good at. Why not let us make an offer on your house today? Let us save you time and put more money in your pocket.

We can solve your house problem quickly!

So if you stop and think about it for a minute, imagine all the time, and money and headaches, fees and commissions, mortgage payments, taxes and other holding costs you’d be saving by getting out of your house fast. You can understand then why so many SW Florida homeowners have chosen to work with cash home buyers like Sunland Home Buyers.

Is it for you?

Why not find out for yourself? We’d love to get you a cash offer for your house today!

Simply fill out the short form below to get started. Some folks like to call us at (239) 880-3393 and we’d love to chat! Our process is so easy and remember, you can close any time you want. You will not be pressured by anyone and there is absolutely no obligation to sell your house. But you could potentially lose a lot of money and a lot of your valuable time by not requesting your FREE cash offer below.

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